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Jasmine Pearls

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made from a wonderful selection of young green tea leaves which have been scented with jasmine blossoms. The silver tips and small leaves are hand-rolled into a unique pearl shape.
  • As these pearls unfold in hot water, they release complex flavours and a strong jasmine aroma to create a relaxing yet bold tea. Tea drinkers will adore this tea’s sweetness.
  • This tea was picked and hand-rolled on a small farm in Fuijan, China before being shipped to Europe as quickly as possible to retain freshness.
  • As with all of our teas, the Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea is of the highest, superfine quality to ensure an unbeatable drinking experience.
  • To enjoy this tea, add a few pearls per cup to your teapot, and steep in hot water for a few minutes. Then pour, take your first sip, and enjoy a tea of unbelievable quality.

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