Benefits Of Tea



While science has credited a lot of health benefits to tea, we want to point out that for health regular exercise and a proper diet is the most important . Also try not to choose tea only for  health effects, pick a tea (or many teas!) you enjoy. Forcing yourself to drink tea like you would a bad tasting medicine will only turn itself against you in the long run.

 Health effects that are sometimes credited to tea:

  • improves brain function
  • helps against cardial diseases 
  • helps reducing weight and cholesterol
  • helps controlling type 2 diabetes
  • makes the immune system stronger
  • improves dental hygiene
  • helps against Alzheimer 
  • reduces Stress
  • helps for stronger bones stronger when aging


Quality matters

Above all, however, quality matters. As repeatedly examined and pointed out in numerous researches, the quantity of potent tea substances vary dramatically not only between tea varieties, but also between different qualities of the same variety. 

Most importantly, it takes having a consistent tea habit in order to benefit from the natural beverage. A series of cohort studies that lasted over decades in Japan point out that those who consistently drink 6~7 cups of green tea a day live much longer than those who drink one cup or less. See this Article So, one more reason to enjoy quality tea each day.

  Hundreds of articles and studies about tea are published each year. For more information we would refer you to specialized websites as:

You could also look for journals like The Journal of medical association (JAMA), The new England journal of Medicine or The American Journal of clinical investigation, among many.

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