Jin Jun Mei

  • Jin Jun Mei is jam-packed with flavours. Sweet, fruity, rich and packed with a malty chocolate body, this tea mellows to a long, sweet aftertaste which will have you returning for cup after cup.
  • Made from small shoots, this tea is grown close to Wuyishan City in China’s Fuijan Province, where it is picked in early spring to ensure a sweeter flavour.
  • Jin Jun Mei, or the “Golden Beautiful Eyebrow” is rapidly becoming the most highly sought-after black tea in the world.
  • As with all of our teas, this tea is the product of expert artisan farmers. It has been specially picked, processed and packed to reach you in a perfect condition.
  • Jin Jun Mei isn’t just China’s favourite black tea. It’s also a personal favourite here at Valley of Tea, and one that we highly recommend!

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