Lemon Thyme

  • The perfect accompaniment to chicken or fish, lemon thyme is a bright, fragrant herb which is used widely in European cooking. Whether it's to complement poultry and seafood, or to lift a vegetable side dish, this herb should be a staple in any home kitchen.
  • While it looks identical to English thyme, lemon thyme has a distinct citrus fragrance and flavour. This is where the herb gets its name! Less bitter than other thyme, this sweet, lemony herb can even be used as an alternative to a sprinkle of fresh lemon peel in your favourite savoury recipe.
  • As well as having a fine flavour and aroma, lemon thyme is packed with nutrients, which makes it the perfect addition to your favourite wholesome pick-me-up dish.
  • 100% natural and 100% Organic
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