Matcha Organic Green Tea Japan - Artisan Farm - Sen Ca

  • Star of the famous Japanese tea ceremony, this high quality Matcha organic tea powder is highly regarded by tea lovers the whole world over.
  • The distinctive, vibrant colour of this Matcha powder and its smooth, slightly sweet taste is a result of careful growing methods, where the leaves are kept shaded and protected from the sun.
  • Our Matcha powder will reach you in the best possible condition using a specially made Matcha pouch. This pouch is resealable, and should be kept in the fridge to ensure your tea remains fresh, fragrant and flavorful.
  • Because we use only the finest tea leaves and the best processing and storage methods, this Matcha powder is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and minerals, ensuring that every sip provokes a feeling of health and wellbeing.
  • Our Matcha tea powder is available now for a special launch price. This offer won't last forever, so make sure you get a taste now!

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