Relax Organic

  • Take the time to unwind with a organic tea specially blended to calm you, relieve anxiety and sooth away your stresses. We call it Relax.
  • Relax is based on a soft, soothing chamomile tea, which has been blended with a range of fruits and spices to provide a rich, calming experience.
  • Each warm cup of Relax contains liquid stress-relief in the form of organic and natural flavours. Warming ginger, cinnamon and black pepper are balanced by sweet orange peel and apple, along with anxiety-busting St John’s Wort and a range of other flavours.
  • The first sip of Relax is filled with sweet, fruity, mouth-coating flavours which melt away into a lasting, soft and warming aftertaste.
  • After a busy day, filled with stress and strain, Relax will help you find that little piece of quiet that will allow your anxieties and worries to drift away.

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