Loose Tea



Tea is the second most-consumed beverage in the world.

 It has found its way to cups all over the world for many years, and it will continue to do so.

It makes a great friend when you're sick, and encourages you on the road you are taking.

Drinking loose leaftea is the best way to enjoy tea for so many reasons. Seven of which we will explore below.



  • Contains more of the oils you want.


A complete leaf, the more natural oils they will still possess, Those are lost with fanning’s that are in teabags. The more natural oils, the better the flavour, the greater the depth, and the better for health.


  • Loose leave tea has a clear taste


Loose leaf tea has a fresh and clean taste, with many varieties that could be sweet, earthy, refreshing, smoky, or green, along with many other distinct nuances. Bagged tea is usually bitter, and without any deeply satisfying flavour, usually without much of an aroma. Bags have selected ingredients to color your cup of tea but not much beyond that.


  • Greater Health Benefits

Since loose tea consists of unbroken leaves it keeps more of its powerful antioxidants and polyphenols. This means you get more health benefits, which good tea offers plenty.

  • Increased Energy:


Loose Leaf Tea

Unlike coffee the caffeine tea contains isn't absorbed immediately, but more much steadily. The result is a constant boost, without the backlash coffee has. With loose leave tea, this effect is even stronger.


  • Happiness Factor:


If a perfect cup of tea makes you smile and makes you feel you can handle anything, then what could possibly be the harm?


  • You actually like it.


Gone are the days you force yourself to drink a cup ‘because it healthy’. You will now have to force yourself  to go away from the warm teapot and into the real world.


  • It's considered a "necessity of life" in China, so maybe it should be for you, too.


Don’t ever go to China, a major tea nation,  with your teabags. They have drunk tea for millennia and never touched teabags. They might even be insulted. Soon you might be too!