Bailin Gongfu

  • Bailin Gongfu Black tea is one of China’s three famed Fujian Gongfu teas, and has been enjoyed in its native China for hundreds of years.
  • This black tea is grown in East Fuijan, where it is processed using traditional methods aided by modern machinery. This tea is fully oxidized, allowing the flavour to develop and soften.
  • Bailin Gongfu is carefully picked by artisan farmers. Only the youngest, freshest leaves are used to ensure a bright, rich flavour and aroma.
  • Not all Chinese teas need to be challenging. Thanks to its mild, sweet flavours and subtle aftertastes Balin Gongfu is a tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.
  • While Gongfu teas can be brewed in a traditional Chinese manner, this tea can also be enjoyed if brewed in the ‘Western’ style. Simply steep the leaves in 90ºC water for two to three minutes, then enjoy.


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