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Jasmine Tea

    •  • A pick-me-up tea that’s great any time of day, the young green tea leaves in our jasmine green tea are flavoured with fresh jasmine blossoms for a beautiful taste.
      • This tea is subtle and sweet, with hints of brown sugar and the unmistakable scent and flavour of jasmine. When you need to unwind, this is the tea for you.
      • Our jasmine green tea is grown on one of the world’s most famous tea mountains – Fujian China’s legendary Mount Taimu.
      • As a pure, loose leaf tea, this tea can be rebrewed several times to provide cup after cup of scented tea for you to enjoy.
      • Nothing refreshes quite like a traditional jasmine tea. After just one cup, you’ll be relaxed and at peace. But nobody wants to stop at just one cup!

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