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Large Leaf

  • Made from Yunnan large leaf tea, this ripened pu-erh is a real treat for tea lovers.
  • This connoisseur’s tea is made from tea taken from trees. Plants that grew into trees had time to develop unique flavour profiles, resulting in a tea that will delight any palate.
  • The liquor brewed from this pu-erh is a bright, clean brown colour, with a deep, full and mellow taste. This is complimented by a rich aroma which lasts and lasts.
  • Harvested in 2008 in Xishuangbana, part of China’s Yunnan area, this tea has benefitted from a climate that’s very favourable for large leaf teas. You’ll see just how favourable when you take your first sip!
  • As with all of our teas, this ripened pu-erh is specially packed and shipped to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition, ready to be brewed.