Oriental Beauty

  • Called Dongfang Meiren or Formosa Tea, Oriental Beauty is a delicate Taiwanese white tip oolong tea.
  • Grown in Hsinchu, Taiwan, this uniquely balanced tea has been packed and shipped to ensure freshness. In fact, this batch was only harvested on October 7th, 2018!
  • Oriental Beauty is an authentic Taiwanese tea which must be specially processed using traditional methods. The tea’s unique flavours come from tiny bug bites on the leaves of the growing tea plant.
  • Delicate and rich, this tea is perfect for any occasion. Fragrant and with a sweet, floral aroma, Oriental Beauty carries tones of honey and fruits which deliver a lasting aftertaste.
  • Oriental Beauty comes highly recommended. Of all the teas which we’ve tasted over the years, this is without a doubt our favourite all-round tea!

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