Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla Organic

  •  Rooibos tea is sometimes called redbush tea in the UK, and is loved for its deep red colour and rich flavour. It takes something special to make rooibos even better – such as 100% bourbon vanilla.
  • Unlike our huge range of Chinese teas, this organic rooibos has been grown and packed in South Africa by artisanal experts.
  • This tea contains no artificial flavourings. The tea’s natural flavours are balanced with a rich, luxurious bourbon vanilla. We use 100% vanilla, ensuring that this brew is the real deal!
  •  The complex and subtle flavours are lifted by the addition of vanilla, which adds a natural and floral sweetness, making this tea perfect for afternoon relaxation.
  • We’re delighted to offer this artisan tea which mixes two of our favourite flavours; rich vanilla and – of course – warming and relaxing tea! We’re sure you’ll enjoy this new addition to our range too.


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