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    • • Unusual and often overlooked, Karigane is a twig tea which offers a sweet, rich and pleasing flavour to those who try it. The mellow aftertaste is free of any bitterness, making it a firm favourite amongst those in the know.
      • Karigane is a premium Kukicha tea made using the stems and stalks of Gyokuro, a widely sought-after green tea.
      • As with all Kukicha teas, our Karigane is low in caffeine, making it the perfect choice for a calming evening drink.
      • While the public are unfamiliar with this tea, it is highly regarded by the Japanese farmers we source it from. They make sure they always keep enough of their harvest for their own drinking pleasure!
      • Small amounts of Sencha are blended into this tea by Japanese tea masters. The result is a perfect flavour balance.

    • This Karigane is made from the stems of Gyokuro mixed with high-grade Sencha, giving it a sweet pleasing taste. Its aftertaste is mellow without any bitterness. Less known to the public, but farmers know this tea deserves its place. Karigane or 'stern-tea' are the removed sterns of Gyokuro. In Japan where land is scarce, they use it to its full potential. Karigane contains very low caffeine making it an ideal pick me up tea to enjoy all day. Harvested in 2016.

    • We recommend using porcelain or a glass teapot. Use 2 grammes of tea leaves for every 250 ml of water. Steep the tea in water with a temperature of 80°C for 2 to 3 minutes. You can let this tea brew 2-3 times, resulting in a distinctly different brew each time. Of course, as always you should adjust to your own preference.

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