Silver Needle

  • This is white tea at its finest, freshest form. Our silver needle tea is made from 100% early spring tea buds, making it a delight that any tea lover will enjoy.
  • Silver needle white tea offers a wide range of flavours for the connoisseur to enjoy, boasting a soft herbaceous aroma with notes of cut hay, berries and a rich hint of caramel and dark chocolate.
  • Every cup of this luxury white tea contains more than just flavour. The leaves are packed with antioxidants and minerals, providing you with a healthful boost in every sip.
  • We directly import this silver needle white tea from a small traditional farm in Fujian, China – and we think you can taste the history in our tea.
  • Silver white needle tea of this quality is incredibly hard to find, even in China, so we’re proud to offer this tea. Hurry, though, as stocks won’t last forever!

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