Taiwan Spring

  • Reminiscent of an oolong, this green tea has a sweet, toasted aroma that is rich with roasted nuts and honey. The resulting liquid has hints of butter and vegetation, with an enjoyably sweet aftertaste.
  • The rich flavours are created by taking the first flush of an oolong cultivar from the mountains of Taiwan and picking the leaves earlier than usual for a fresh but rich green tea.
  • The multi-layered flavours and robust palate of this green tea make it a unique treat for any tea lover.
  • Grown by artisan farmers to create a unique tea with unmistakeable flavour, Taiwan High Mountain green tea is one of the best examples of the tea-growers art.
  • This tea is supplied by the experts at Valley of Tea – renowned and highly regarded premium tea importers.
  • This great green tea has a toasty-sweet aroma accented with roasted nut and honey. The liquid has hints of butter and vegetable, a sweet lingering after taste. A great green tea with different layers, reminiscent of Taiwan oolong.

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