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Pouchong Baozhong

    • • Oolong tea can sometimes be bitter or astringent. Our Paochong oolong is different. The tea leaves are lightly baked to ensure that the bitter flavours are removed, leading to a gentler, more balanced tea.
      • This oolong tea has a fresh, soft aroma with a hint of cereals – while the taste contains hints of salt and fresh vegetables and a lasting sweet aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.
      • Every part of this tea is pleasing, from the taste and smell to the way the long, loose leaves slowly unfold as you brew and steep it.
      • We recommend brewing this tea three or four times. As you repeatedly steep the oolong, different flavours develop to reward your patience and persistence.
      • Thanks to the low oxidation of the oolong tea, each cup will leave you refreshed and calm.

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