White Peony

  • White Peony (also called Bai Mudan) tea is a top quality white tea fresh from a Chinese tea garden. Picked in 2018 and immediately dried and packed, this is the freshest tea it is possible to find!
  • White Peony is tea in its purest form. Containing 100% pure white tea buds, leaves and twigs, this tea is only minimally processed by artisan farmers to preserve the natural fresh flavours.
  • As you’d expect from tea this fresh, White Peony has a sweet aroma with hints of spring leaves and fresh-cut hay.
  • Due to the minimal processing carried out by artisans, this tea contains plenty of the plant’s natural antioxidants, providing a great, healthy boost.
  • Only a small amount of White Peony tea is available because only the most tender early-spring plants can be used. Don’t miss out!
  • Clear, reminiscent of freshly cut hay and hints of spring leaves. Its infusion is soft, slightly malty and herbal sweet. The aftertaste is clear on the palate without any bitterness. A great all day tea.

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