Black Peppercorns

  • Our Pepper exudes a warming aroma, citrus aroma with dark, smoky flavors with a full, robust flavor some describe as fruity. Ours is 100 procent Black like star chefs recommend.
  • Directly from organic fields in Sri lanka where they are still hand picked, Sun dried and cured. Our peppercorns are handled without the use of machines, in a 100 procent natural environment, They are sun-dried and cured for a fuller, fresher flavor.
  • This high grade black pepper is used top chefs all over the world, to make dishes taste 'just right'. Even in ancient times pepper was the most sought after and imported spice.
  • We take great pride in being able to support and foster not only the farmers who produce our pepper, but also their families and local communities
  • Black pepper is produced from the still-green, unripe drupes of the pepper plant. The drupes are cooked briefly in hot water, both to clean them and to prepare them for drying.

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