Dill Leaf

  • Dill's flavor has been described as a mix of anise, parsley and celery. Its aroma iss a combination of citrus, fennel and mint. The color and more delicate flavor of dill weed enhances any dish.
  • This certified organic dill was specially harvested in the US. It has been slow-dried to ensure that as much of the delicate flavour as possible remains intact.
  • Aromatic dill weed is a subtle herb which enhances a dish instead of dominating it. As such it is delicious in salads, sauces, light gravies and as an accompaniment to fish and grains.
  • As a delicate herb, dill should be added towards the end of cooking or used raw to preserve as much flavour as possible. For this reason, dill is used in quick-cooking sauces and salad dressings.
  • This herb has been carefully selected, packaged and transported to deliver the best possible quality and freshness

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