Elder Fruit

  • sweet-tart taste with earthy undertones floral aroma and sweeter than you'd expect. Crisp, palate-cleansing finisch.
  • Our wildcrafted organic elder berries are higher in flavonoids than blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and blackberries.
  • Add dried elderberries to make tea but also make pies, pastries, jams, jellies, wine, cordials & syrup. Add dried berries to tea and citrus herb blends. Boil elderberries and add to shakes, syrups, wines, jams & jelly spreads.
  • These European black elder beries (Sambucus nigra L.) has been traditionally used as a winter mood remedy.
  • We are very glad to have found this organic top quality product, directly from the kindest farmers, it's an honor and a blessing to work with people so passionate about what they do.

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