• Sweet and nutty with strong notes of maple, fenugreek can add a complex sweetness to spice mixes. It also has a special ability to complement other flavours, making them seem fuller and deeper.
  • These whole fenugreek seeds are certified organic and grown using traditional methods. We source our seeds from an artisan farm where quality is of the utmost importance.
  • Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein and can be eaten whole. As a seasoning, the seeds are used whole or ground in a variety of ethnic cuisines.
  • Fenugreek provides flavour to Indian and Thai curry blends and also in beverages, candies and desserts. You can even add a touch of fenugreek to meat dishes, pickles, baked goods and puddings
  • These seeds have been carefully selected, packaged and transported to deliver the best possible quality and freshness

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