Juniper Berry

  • Plump and fragerent - We sift and hand sort each juniper berry to give you the best berries of the harvest. Only the best berries with the highest oil content. It takes a lot of extra effort but we're sure you'll agree its worth it.
  • Organic Natural Source of Antioxidants, which is the highest in the whole berry, artisanly slow dried to keep flavour components intact
  • Juniper Berries are widespread use in European Cuisine. Great for imparting flavor to meat dishes during the holidays and for mixed drinks, add a kick to your gin an tonic.
  • 100% Delicous 100% Organic. Our gourmet spice shop works with only the best spices on earth. We stand by our products.
  • We are very glad to have found this organic top quality product, directly from the kindest farmers, it's an honor and a blessing to work with people so passionate about what they do.

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