Himalayan Flowery

  • A true connoisseur’s tea, Himalayan Flowery Tea is packed with complex flavours to delight any tea lover’s palate.
  • The dried leaves boast a clear and fragrant floral aroma with just a hint of citrus peel which lasts long after your cup is empty. On the tongue, Himalayan Flowery Tea is refreshing, sweet and malty – perfect for any time of the day or night.
  • Grown in the Himalayas, this tea is packed with minerals. The unique climate of hot days and cold nights has also imparted a strength and flavour that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • This finest Himalayan tea was picked in 2020, and has been specially packed to preserve a fresh, heady flavour and scent.
  • We recommend brewing 1.5g of this tea per 250ml of water at 95°C for around three to five minutes. You can re-use the tea up to three times, with each steeping providing a new experience.

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