Almonds Whole

  • These whole unsalted almonds are packed with flavour. Whether it’s for a quick, rich snack, a topping on your favourite cereal or granola, or as an ingredient in cookies and cakes.
  • Almonds aren’t just a quick, delicious snack. They’re packed with nutrients. A handful of these nuts will deliver fibre, protein, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium - all essential for your body to function.
  • Don’t fancy nibbling on raw almonds? You can easily roast or toast them, flavour them with salt, wasabi powder, or even honey, slice them, chop them, or even grind them into almond flour.
  • Wondering how many almonds are in a serving? One handful - or a quarter cup - equals around 23 nuts. Perfect for a quick snack.
  • Our whole almonds have no added flavourings, preservatives, or even salt. And they’re packaged carefully to ensure they reach you in top condition.

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