Black Berries

  • Dried blackberries are a perfect alternative to sugary snacks. They have a distinctive sweet and tangy flavour that you’ll love, and they are perfect any time of the day or night. What better way to enjoy fruity berries?
  • Our favourite use for dried blackberries is to mix them with our favourite muesli or granola, and then dollop on greek yoghurt with just a tiny drop of organic honey. It’s an ideal breakfast.
  • Our dried blackberries are made from blackberries - nothing more, nothing less. Just whole blackberries, dried after picking to seal in all of the flavour and all of the nutrients.
  • Berries of all types are some of the healthiest fruits around, and these organic dried blackberries are no different.
  • Our dried blackberries have been specially selected and picked by expert farmers before being quickly dehydrated to preserve their nutritional value and ensure that they reach you in peak condition.

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