Black Sesame Seed

  • Black sesame seeds are a staple of Japanese cooking, and have a distinctive flavour which is quite different to the more widespread white sesame seeds. Rich and nutty, they add an extra depth of flavour to many dishes.
  • While black sesame seeds are often used in Japanese sushi dishes, or as a garnish to salads and ramen, these seeds are also widely used in other Asian, Indian and even African recipes.
  • While black sesame seeds are primarily used for their flavour, a handful of these organic seeds will provide you with a range of nutrients .
  • What’s your favourite way to use black sesame seeds? We love to make them part of a seed mix that we add to our favourite superfood salads.
  • Our black sesame seeds have been specially grown by expert farmers. They’re then dried and carefully packed to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

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