• Also known as bugloss and starflower, borage is a herb plant native to the Mediterranean which has spread across the world. As well as being a decorative plant in many gardens, borage is prized for its leaves which are used to make a distinctive tea.
  • Borage leaf tea is prized by herbalists as a cooling, cleansing, and refreshing herbal tea. It is also widely thought that borage tea can help to reduce stress.
  • To brew a cup of borage tea, steep the dried herb in hot water for up to ten minutes, before adding your preferred sweetener and perhaps a touch of lemon balm to create a distinctive, refreshing brew.
  • Borage, or starflower, is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds similar to those found in fish oil supplements. The plant also contains a range of vitamins and nutrients which can help to promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Like all of our herbal teas, this borage leaf tea has been carefully produced by artisanal farmers to ensure it is of the very highest quality. It’s prepared, packaged and shipped to ensure it retains as much nutritional value as possible.

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