Butchers Broom

  • Butchers Broom is an evergreen shrub which grows throughout Europe, Asia and the most Northern parts of Africa. It has been used as a traditional medicine since the days of ancient Greece, especially the roots of the plant.
  • Butcher’s Broom was highly prized in ancient European cultures, who believed it could improve the general wellbeing of those who consumed it.
  • The name Butchers Broom actually comes from the original use of the plant. In medieval times, people would use the stiff branches of the plant as a small broom to clean and sweep their butchering blocks!
  • If you’re unsure how best to prepare this Butchers Broom, our experts will be happy to offer their advice.
  • As with everything we sell, our Butchers Broom root is grown by professional farmers, carefully picked, and prepared so that it reaches you in the best possible quality.

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