Cashew Nut

  • Cashews - or cashew nuts - are one of the most popular nuts, enjoyed by people the world over. They can be enjoyed raw, added to curries and stews, or even used to make vegan alternatives to milk, butter and cheeses.
  • Did you know that cashews are actually seeds, not nuts? They are harvested from the heart shaped fruit of the cashew tree, and have been a part of Asian cuisine for centuries.
  • These whole organic cashew nuts haven’t been roasted or salted, meaning their natural goodness has been preserved. As cooking can destroy delicate nutrients, many people choose to snack on raw cashews instead of heating them as part of a recipe.
  • Just one 30g portion of these delicious seeds contains a healthy amount of plant protein and other nutrients .
  • As with all our products, these whole organic cashew nuts have been carefully prepared and selected to ensure the highest possible quality.

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