Cherries Organic

  • Sweet, dark and rich, dried cherries are a simple snack on the go, an addition to cereals and muesli, or the star of a baked dessert. They’re perfect for pies and tarts.
  • Our favourite dried cherry recipe is a traditional cherry pie. This is a superb way to showcase the distinctive rich flavour of dried red cherries, and is a great way of creating a delicious, nutritious dessert.
  • Our dried cherries are made from cherries and nothing more. They are dehydrated as soon as possible after picking to seal in all of the nutrients and all of the flavour.
  • Dried cherries are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. A 30g portion of this dried fruit will provide you vitamin A, along with copper and potassium.
  • Our dried cherries have been specially selected and picked by expert farmers before being quickly dehydrated to preserve their nutritional value and ensure that they reach you in peak condition.

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