• A staple of Mexican cooking, the chipotle chili has an unmistakable flavour that brings heat, spice, fruitiness and smoke to any Mexican dish.
  • What’s the difference between a chipotle and a jalapeno? Smoke. Chipotles are made by taking a ripe jalapeno pepper and smoking it over wood until it is dry and deep brown in colour. We then grind these smoked chillies to make our chipotle powder.
  • Powdered chipotle is far easier to use than whole peppers, which must be slow cooked to release all of their flavour and soften their thick, dry flesh. Instead, chipotle powder can be added to almost any dish, savoury or sweet.
  • The most famous use for chipotle powder is the famous Mexican adobo - a meat marinade containing chipotle powder, paprika, oregano, salt, garlic and vinegar to add extra flavour to all kinds of meat.
  • Like every spice we sell, this organic chipotle powder is sourced from the very best spice growers and carefully packed and picked to ensure its quality.

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