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A true tea connoisseur is constantly on the lookout for amazing new teas to try. In this luxury gift box, we’ve chosen some of our favourite loose leaf teas to share with the tea lover in your life.

  • Dragon Well – Dragon Well tea is famous for its sweet smoothness and buttery mouthfeel. The perfect tea for connoisseur to enjoy on a cosy winter evening! 30g
  • Himalayan Flowery – This rich tea is packed with subtle flavours and is certain to take the drinker to the very peak of tea enjoyment! 30g
  • Silver Needle – We believe this is the finest, freshest white tea in the world. 20g
  • High Mountain Oolong – This tea is unique and unmistakeable, with a range of rich flavours that make it one of the best examples of the tea-growers’ art. 30g
  • Menghai Pu-erh – This amazing healthful tea combines amazing bold flavours with a whole host of health-giving properties. Perfect for the January detox! 30g

Wisdom is the path to better tea