• In this luxury gift box, we’ve chosen some of our favourite loose leaf teas to share with the tea lover in your life.
  • A true tea connoisseur loves trying new teas. We selected the following, 30g Dragon Well – Longjing tea is famous for its sweet smoothness and buttery mouthfeel. The perfect tea to enjoy on a cosy winter evening!
  • Golden Monkey – This rich tea is packed with subtle flavours and is certain to take the drinker to the very peak of tea enjoyment! 30g
  • Silver Needle – We believe this is the finest, freshest white tea in the world. We’re only able to sell 20g of this tea, because it’s very hard to find. This is truly a don’t miss opportunity.
  • High Mountain Oolong – This tea is unique and unmistakeable, with a range of rich flavours that make it one of the best examples of the tea-growers’ art. 30g Menghai Pu-erh – This amazing healthful tea combines amazing bold flavours with a whole host of health-giving properties. Perfect for the January detox! 30g

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