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As any tea lover knows, we’re spoiled for choice with so many amazing teas on the market. So if you want a perfect gift for someone broadening their tea horizons, this is it!

  • Sencha Karigane – This unusual twig tea is packed with sweet, rich and pleasing flavours; it’s a real favourite of the Japanese farmers we source it from! 30g
  • Yunnan Dian Hong – This ‘Golden Monkey Tea’ is one of China’s best loved teas thanks to hints of cocoa, pepper and the mildest touch of honey. A real treat! 30g
  • Bai Wu Dan (White Peony) – Picked, dried and immediately packed, this tea tastes amazingly fresh and is full of natural antioxidants for a healthy boost. 15g
  • Menghai Pu-erh – This full-bodied tea is thought to lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss and contribute to a feeling of immense wellbeing. 30g