English Breakfast Blend

  •      Imagine a tea so good, that an entire country enjoys it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every hour in between. English Breakfast tea is full-bodied black tea that’s robust enough to stand up to the traditional milk and two sugars!
  •      English Breakfast tea originates in the late 18th century, where it was originally made by blending black teas from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya to create a full-bodied and flavourful tea. Despite the name, it’s possible that English Breakfast tea is from Scotland!
  •      Just because it’s called “breakfast” tea doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cup of this with lunch, high tea, or an evening meal. In fact, in England many people will enjoy six or seven cups a day!
  •      Like all black teas, English Breakfast tea is packed with antioxidants. It also contains caffeine, which will ensure that you’re awake and invigorated all day long.
  •      Like every tea we sell, this English Breakfast tea is sourced from the very best growers and carefully packed and picked to ensure its quality.

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