Freeze Dried Blue Berries

  • Freeze dried blueberries are sweet, tangy, and a quick and easy addition to any of your favourite desserts and pies.
  • Looking for a great way of using your freeze dried blueberries? Mix them in with dry muffin mix and bran fibre to create a delicious, and portable breakfast that you can enjoy on the go.
  • All that goes into our freeze dried blueberries is blueberries. We remove the water and add nothing, ensuring all you get is natural, organic flavour with no hidden surprises.
  • Did you know that just one portion of freeze dried blueberries will provide you with a quarter of your daily vitamin C, and one third of your daily vitamin K?
  •      Our freeze dried blueberries are freeze dried immediately after picking to ensure that none of their nutrition or flavour is lost.

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