Freeze Dried Strawberries

  • Enjoying fresh strawberries all year round puts a huge strain on the environment and increases your carbon footprint. These guilt-free freeze dried strawberries are harvested in summertime and specially dried to preserve their flavour and nutrition.
  • Jars of strawberries are preserved in sugar. Fresh strawberries are sometimes shipped half way across the world in refrigerated trucks. These delicious freeze dried treats are shelf stable with no added nasty preservatives.
  • Freeze dried strawberries can be enjoyed as they are, as a quick and fruity snack, or you can add them to your breakfast cereal of choice. They can even be used in baking and cooking.
  • These strawberries have been freeze dried to a fraction of their original weight, so that just 8g of them count as a full portion - one of your five daily servings of fruit and vegetables!
  • We specially select the very best freeze dried strawberries and ensure that they’re properly packaged to reach you in the best possible condition.

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