Gaba Oolong

  • Grown in Taiwan, this fragrant, floral Gaba Oolong tea is certain to delight your
  • Gaba Oolong boasts a unique orchid flavour with a warm and woody aroma which is both subtle and seductive. After just one taste, we’re completely certain that you’ll fall head over heels in love with this tea.
  • While Gaba Oolong has been grown using traditional methods, the unique flavour and quality of this tea is the result of a special oxidation process developed by Japanese scientists. The result is a wonderfully calming flavour you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Our loose leaf Gaba Oolong has been made from only the best quality tea leaves, grown in the famed tea-growing foothills of Taiwan.
  • Like all of our teas, this Gaba Oolong has been handled and packaged with care. When it reaches your door, you can be certain that it’ll be as rich and tasty as the day it was first packaged!

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