Golden Monkey

  • Boasting a strong smoky chocolate and cocoa flavour, these golden buds brew a silky smooth black tea which carries subtle hints of honey and pepper. A complex and rewarding tea to be savoured on a calm afternoon.
  • Also known as Yunnan Dian Hong or Golden Needle, Golden Monkey is a strong and complex black tea which is prized by connoisseurs.
  • Golden Monkey Tea is grown by experts on an artisanal farm. This particular tea is grown in the historic Fengquing Yunnan area of China.
  • Rare and highly sought after, Golden Monkey Tea is grown only in small quantities. We had to search far and wide for a supplier, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.
  • Even after thousand years of tea farming, this artisanal tea proves that amazing new flavours are still being discovered!

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