Gopaldhara Second

  • Tea lovers the world over treasure the taste of second flush Darjeeling tea When you inhale the embracing, sweet muscatel scent of the Goldphara Darjeeling, you’ll be transported to fresh, grassy orchards – and you’ll fall in love with this amazing tea.
  • This Darjeeling is grown in the rich Himalayan soil of Darjeeling, at the famed Goldphara estate.
  • This contains only 100% certified pure unblended tea from the famous Goldphara estate in Darjeeling.
  • Traditionally hand-picked, but processed using fast modern methods to preserve the taste and scent, this tea is a perfect blend of old and new.
  • Speed is of the essence with such high quality tea, so we aim to get it from the Goldphara estate to your door as quickly as possible!

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