Green White Leek

  • When you think of leeks, you probably think of the large green and white cultivated plant that's such a large part of British cooking. But did you know that the original wild leek was actually prized for its medicinal and healing properties over its taste?
  • It is believe that the bulb of the broadleaf wild leek contains a range of nutrients and compounds that are diuretic, and even antispasmodic. This means that traditional medicine practitioners use it for a wide range of applications, all designed to reduce discomfort.
  • We source the highest quality wild leek, that has been specially grown, picked and packaged to ensure that none of their natural nutrients are lost. We're certain you'll be delighted by the quality of this product.
  • 100% natural and 100% Organic
  • We strongly believe that the higher quality a product, the more benefits it brings - because it's loaded with the right substances. That's why we search around the world for the finest produce.

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