Lady's Bedstraw

  • Lady's Bedstraw grows naturally across Europe, North Africa and Asia. It has also been transplanted to Australia, New Zealand and North America, making it one of the most widespread herbs in the world. However this herb is far more than just a decorative plant.
  • Originally, Lady's Bedstraw was used as a vegetarian alternative to rennet, and a crucial component in cheesemaking around the world. It is also used widely as a herbal remedy and as a pleasant summer drink, making it as flexible as it is widespread.
  • This herb has been used to help weary travellers recover after long journeys  ,and contains a large amount of beneficial compounds.
  • 100% natural
  • We strongly believe that the higher quality a product, the more benefits it brings - because it's loaded with the right substances. That's why we search around the world for the finest produce.

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