Lemon Verbena

  • Known as Luiza in its native Greece and Verveine in France, Lemon Verbena’s name derives from the citrus and lemon fragrance given off by the leaves.
  • We only supply organic verbena picked and packaged within the EU. This tea has been hand-picked from the slopes of the West Pindos Mountains in Greece , resulting in an amazing Lemon fragrance.
  • Verbena was originally grown by the ancient Egyptians, and has long been valued by Mediterranean cultures for its multiple uses as a herbal remedy. In Wales and England, verbena was even believed to be a potent aphrodisiac!
  • We highly recommend trying Lemon Verbena as a delicious and refreshing iced tea. It’s perfect for a sunny afternoon.
  • Luiza contains large amounts of Luteolin. Luckily, a cup of Lemon Verbena tastes far better than other Luteolin-rich foods such as celery.

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