Oolong Gift

  • The perfect gift for a tea lover, five artisan quality oolong teas that let you discover a whole world of oolong teas which is prized by tea connoisseurs the world over.
  • Contains five premium oolong tea samples from sweet and light to dark, malty and intense.
  • As any tea lover knows, we’re spoiled for choice with so many amazing teas on the market. So if you want a perfect gift for someone broadening their tea horizons, this luxury box packed with loose leaf tea is it!
  • We selected the following artisan oolong teas : 30g High Mountain Oolong From Taiwan, 30g Roasted Tie Guan Yin from Anxi, 30g Da Hong Pao from Wuyi, 20g Pouchong from Wenshan Taiwan, 30g Phoenix Oolong from Guangzhou
  • In this luxury gift box, we’ve chosen some of our favourite loose leaf teas to share with the tea lover in your life.

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