Pine Needle

  • As the name suggests, pine buds are the succulent buds of the pine tree. They carry the grassy, herbacious alpine flavour and aroma of evergreen trees, and can be made into a distinctive tea, steeped in sugar syrups, or enjoyed in dozens of different ways.
  • Pine buds are rich in vitamin C and tannins, and are packed with the essential oil pinene. These compunds make pine buds highly sought after by herbalists all over the world, and mean that a hot cup of pine tea will lift your spirits and leave you feeling healthier and more contented.
  • Making a pine bud herbal tea couldn't be simpler. Popular in Poland and Eastern Europe, this tea is made by steeping the buds in hot water until a bright, aromatic liquor is formed, and then straining out the buds as you would with a loose-leaf tea. Then, all that's left to do is enjoy your cup!
  • 100% natural
  • We strongly believe that the higher quality a product, the more benefits it brings - because it's loaded with the right substances. That's why we search around the world for the finest produce.

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