Pink Peppercorn

  • Pink peppercorns are a delicious alternative to black pepper. Unlike many types of pepper berry, these aren't from the pepper plant, and are in fact from a type of cashew plant which has developed a rich, peppery flavour. Prized in French cuisine, a twist of pink peppercorns will lift almost any dish.
  • At first taste, pink peppercorns are similar in flavour to the more common black pepper. But take the time to savour the flavour and aroma, and you'll discover that this spice is in fact milder, sweeter, and far more fruity than your usual twist of pepper!
  • Along with using pink peppercorns in your cooking, you can steep the pepper berries in gin, as you would with sloe or other herbs. The result is a delightfully spicy drink that's perfect for an aperitif before your evening meal. But make sure you enjoy responsibly!
  • 100% natural
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