Ceremonial Matcha

  • Matcha tea powder is highly regarded around the world, and only tea of this quality is used in the famed Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Our ceremonial Matcha powder is grown in the shade, giving it an entirely distinct, vibrant green colouration and a hint of sweetness backed by a smooth finish.
  • In order to ensure that our Matcha reaches you in the best possible condition, we use specially made Matcha pouches which retain the powders freshness and flavor. The resealable pouch are used across Japan and can be stored in the fridge, ensuring each cup contains the same fresh, vibrant flavours.
  • Because we use only the finest tea leaves and the best processing and storage methods, this Matcha powder is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and minerals, ensuring that every sip provokes a feeling of wellbeing.
  • Our Matcha tea powder is available now for a special launch price. This offer won't last forever, so make sure you get a taste now!

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