Raisins Dried

  • Perfect as a snack, a cereal topping, and as one of your five a day, these organic raisins are packed with flavour and nutrition.
  • These organic raisins are grown in the Mediterranean - made from fine Greek grapes that would otherwise be used to make wine! As such, you can be certain that they’re full of flavour.
  • Organic raisins can be enjoyed raw, or used in cooking or baking your favourite sweet desserts. They’re perfect for fruit cakes and other decadent recipes.
  • Raisins are packed with nutrition. In a serving of our organic raisins, you’ll find a large variety of minerals, including potassium and phosphorous.
  • As with all of our products, these dried raisins are sourced from the most reliable suppliers and carefully packaged to ensure freshness and quality.

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