Red Jade

  • Complex, rich and with hints of floral mint, this deliciously smooth Ruby Tea is known as the “original taste of Taiwan.” Once tried, never forgotten, this is truly something you need to experience!
  • Ruby Black Tea has been grown in the mountains around Sun Moon Lake for hundreds of years, where Taiwain’s unique climate imparts a range and depth of flavour not found anywhere else in the world.
  • Valley of Tea works closely with Taiwanese suppliers to ensure that this tea is carefully processed and packed to ensure that the distinctive floral taste survives the journey to your pot.
  • This Ruby Tea is made from the famous Taiwanese Cultivar Number 18, a famous tea plant praised for its complexity and richness.
  • If you are new to the teas of Taiwan, we recommend that you don’t let this tea pass you by. Beloved by the residents of the island, Ruby Black Tea is gaining a reputation around the world.

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