Sage Herbal Tea

  • Smooth, stimulating and ever so slightly astringent, Sage Tea is a taste worth acquiring, thanks to a range of health-promoting properties.
  • With a history stretching back to the Greeks and Romans, sage’s name literally means “to save”. Historically used to treat ailments, sage has been proven to be a proven source of antioxidants.
  • Valley of Tea’s organic Sage Tea is hand-picked in the Thesprotia region of Greece’s West Pindos Mountains, using ancient methods stretching back to the time of the first philosophers.
  • Sage Tea is comparable to Green Tea, both in the high levels of antioxidants present, and in its ability to combat the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • We recommend adding a touch of honey to our Sage Tea to soften the taste and add a whole additional range of health benefits

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