Sheng Cake

  • Sheng Pu-erh is a classic sun-dried tea, which is pressed into a cake for ease of storage.
  • Made from a large-leaf Yunnan tea, this Sheng Pu-erh has been selected, fired and processed by artisan farmers.
  • This tea balances sweet, rich floral green tea flavours with a more typical rich Sheng flavour. The flavour will develop and change over time, making this a brew you’ll love to revisit time and time again.
  • You can steep and enjoy this tea as soon as it is delivered. However, if you store it for a few months, it will become noticeably sweeter and more fragrant.
  • If you enjoy Sheng Pu-erh today, make sure you buy an extra cake. This tea can be aged for decades, with collectors frequently keeping aged cakes to pass on to their children and grandchildren!

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